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The Benefits of Selling to a Dealership VS Privately

When selling your vehicle, is it best to sell it to a dealership, or take on the task of selling it on your own? Here are the benefits of selling to a dealership VS selling privately.


Do you want to get paid fast? Selling your car to a dealer is by far the easiest and quickest way to get money in your pocket. Without buying vehicles, dealerships would have very little used car inventory – so we need to buy in pre-owned vehicles regularly and are experts at guiding customers through the selling process. We can ensure that the entire experience is quick and simple, whereas selling privately can take weeks or even months to complete the sale. To get a better idea as to what the value of your vehicle may be, use our Value Your Trade Tool


Selling privately can be stressful, you need to take time out of your schedule to post ads, talk to potential buyers, book in times for them to view the vehicle – and you risk no shows, or wasting your time in general. Selling to a dealership is much easier, all you have to do is visit the dealership and we will take it from there! No hassle, no stress. The team at Sherwood Park Chevrolet will walk you through every step.


Once all terms are agreed upon and contracts are signed at the dealership, you’ll no longer be responsible for the vehicle. when you sell privately, you may still be liable for any vehicle problems; the buyer can become angry and make demands such as wanting their money back if they feel they were deceived.  There is also the risk of the buyer attempting to scam you by paying in counterfeit bills, fraudulent third-party cheques, cancelling e-transfers, etc. You can trust that when selling to a dealership, you can have the peace of mind that every detail will be covered and you can feel good about your decision.


Selling your vehicle is a big decision, at Sherwood Park Chevrolet – our Buy-in Squad will help sell your car quickly and easily. Contact us today to start the process!



The Buy in Squad at Sherwood Park Chevrolet is here to help you with your vehicle appraisal. Get in touch with the team today for a stress-free and seamless experience!

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Within the past couple years,  the automotive industry has struggled with a critical semiconductor supply shortage. This unfortunate situation is causing new vehicle inventory levels to be incredibly low, making it very difficult for dealerships to acquire quality used vehicles.

We urgently need to acquire vehicles of all makes and models so that we can fill up our lot with pre-owned vehicles. We cannot control supply delays with new vehicle inventory, but we can work toward buying in used vehicles to make up for it. And in return, we are willing to pay above market value for pre-owned vehicles – which means more cash in your pocket!

3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Vehicle To Us:


  sell your vehicle 1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY

We will get back to you with a no-obligation, no purchase necessary appraisal and let you decide from there.


sell your vehicle 2. STRESS-FREE SELLING PROCESS

Don’t worry about having to spend your money and time to sell your vehicle privately, just bring it to Sherwood Park Chevrolet and we will ensure the selling process is quick and easy!


sell your vehicle 3. WE TAKE A VARIETY OF VEHICLES!

We are currently in need of trucks, cars and SUV’s of all years, makes, and models.


Value Your Trade


You do not need to buy a vehicle from us to take advantage of this offer. If you are ready to sell your vehicle, we will write you a cheque for the agreed-upon amount once your vehicle has been appraised. It’s that easy.

You could use the extra cash to upgrade or pre-order a brand new vehicle, shop our available pre-owned inventory, or just keep the money! There are absolutely no strings attached, no obligation to purchase.


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