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When it comes to LSX crate engine performance, Chevrolet Performance starts with our strongest foundation: The LSX Cast Iron Block. Designed to support higher power outputs than our production based aluminum LS cylinder blocks, including with supercharging, turbocharging and nitrous, our LSX-based crate engines are tested and proven on the drag strip. The strong, forged crankshafts and pistons provide the power you need with the strength you can rely on, race after race!


ITEM 19417355

Build your boost on a budget. Chevrolet Performance takes the economical LSX Bowtie standard-deck block, adds blower-friendly 9.0:1 forged pistons and combines them with the LS3’s highflow, rectangular-port heads to create an affordable foundation for supercharged and turbocharged combinations.

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ITEM 19417357

With the LSX Bowtie block, we’ve built a 21st century 454 with our latest technology. It’s lighter and more compact than an original Big-Block 454—and it delivers the stunning, big-torque output you expect: 586 lb.-ft., along with 627 horsepower. Best of all, it requires no more space under the hood than a production LS engine.

SALE PRICE $14,909.66


ITEM 19329008

Chevrolet Performance’s DR525 sealed drag racing crate helps enable exciting heads-up racing at a lower cost than custom-built engines. It’s an approach Chevrolet Performance implemented in a number of circle track racing series, providing racers with a high-performance engine at a great value.

SALE PRICE $8,653.76

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