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At Sherwood Park Chevrolet we offer your small business the opportunity to build your fleet, whether you're starting small with only 1 vehicle, or going all out with 10, 20, or 30. Regardless, as you grow, we will grow with you.

Small Business Benefits

Whether you already have an established business, or are planning a startup, we provide a number of benefits to our Small Business clientele including:

Simplified Vehicle Purchase Process

  • Small Business Pricing
  • Vehicle Customization Assistance
  • Commercial Lease & Finance Rates
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Ample Vehicle Inventory & Selection

Do You Qualify For Fleet Benefits?

Do you have a minimum of 5 vehicles licensed and registered in your company name today?

You're eligible

Will your current planned purchase take you up to the 5 vehicles minimum requirement?

You're eligible

Will you be purchasing 3 or more vehicles for your business in the planned purchase?

You're eligible

Are you a Government Agency, Government Regulated Utility, Public School or Medical Hospital?

You're eligible

Are you an existing General Motors Fleet customer (you have a FAN)?

Visit dealer to validate

Whether you plan to purchase a vehicle this weekend, or a few months down the road, filling out the form below and a representative from our fleet department will contact you shortly.





Stay on top of your fleet. Commercial Link uses the built-in OnStar connectivity to to provide useful vehicle data, such as maintenance notifications and vehicle location to help account owners manager their vehicles more effectively.

Starting at $12/month with no annual contract, there is no additional hardware installations or hardware management required. Commercial Link is currently available in Canada, Mexico and the Continental U.S. 

View the coverage map here.


The Chevy Business Choice program was designed to offset the cost of getting your fleet ready to work! We offer three different customization incentives at no additional charge including: 


With generous earnings on all your business purchases, there's no limit to what the Scotiabank VISA Business Card can do for you. Everytime you swipe, you'll get GM earnings you can use toward the purchase or lease of an eligible new Chevrolet - whether it's a hardworking addition to your fleet or something special just for you!

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