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Maximize Your Fleet | Fleet & Commercial Sales Edmonton

Are you getting the most out of your fleet? 
Here are some things to consider, that will allow your business to save money and maximize your fleet!
Current Value Vs. Future Value
As you probably already know, your vehicles are worth more today than they ever will be. While managing your fleet, it's very important to always keep the value of your current fleet in mind compared to it's operating costs.

Fuel Savings Of New Technology
As fuel prices rise, your margins shrink. However, as fuel-saving technology improves in our vehicles, your margins rise! Even the slightest improvement in fuel economy can save you thousands of litres of fuel over the course of a vehicle's lifespan.

Warranty & Maintenance Costs
It's common knowledge that as a vehicle ages, maintenance costs go up. Whether you're making loan payments on something newer, or paying for repairs on something older, you can always expect to be paying for a vehicle somehow. This is where the benefits of warranty comes into play! With a fleet Chevy's, you have the advantage of a 160,000km Powertrain Warranty, 60% longer than any other manufacturer in the industry, which means you'll automatically get 60% more out of your fleet before having to worry about maintenance costs!

Improved Interest Rates & Financing Terms
While paying interest for an extended period of time on a single vehicle may not be too costly, paying interest on an entire fleet of vehicles can be tricky. As finance rates and terms improve, companies can often save thousands simply by trading in their fleet a little sooner than expected, and taking advantage of improved rates.