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Credit Rebuilding Program

Build or Rebuild Your Credit!

Sherwood Park Chev has the premier auto finance team in Alberta, and Western Canada. Want to upgrade your ride, but can't get approved for financing anywhere? No problem! Need a truck for work but can't get financing? No problem! Need to lump some debt into one low monthly payment? We can help with that too; it's our specialty.

For Students

We know that students don't exactly have a lot of spare cash. That's why we want to help you get behind the wheel of a new Chevrolet, with our Student Bonus program. If you're a student or you have graduated within the last 4 years you may be eligible to receive up to $750* off your next vehicle. Click on the First Time Buyers tab below!

Our Program

At Sherwood Park Chevrolet, we plan to take you from ruin to rockstar in no time at all! Our Credit Rebuilding Program offers you the opportunity to gradually lower the interest rate on your vehicle loan, saving thousands in interest, until you eventually qualify for prime rates as low as 0%. At that point, you'll have no trouble applying for financing again!

First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers

There's a first time for everything! And in order to build credit, you have to start somewhere. If this is your first time buying a car, there are a few things you'll want to know. How do you find the right vehicle? Do you have enough credit? How do you get pre-approved for financing? Luckily, we've made the entire process of buying a car pretty easy for first time buyers.

Save Up To $750 With The GM Student Bonus!

At Sherwood Chev, we also provide you with all the benefits passed down by GM. The GM Student Bonus offers you up to $750 off a new vehicle* if you...

  • Are currently enrolled in high school
  • Have graduated from high school in the last 4 years
  • Are currently enrolled in a post-secondary program
  • Have graduated from post-secondary in the last 4 years

Do You Qualify?

Great! Apply below for the GM Student Bonus!

If not, get pre-approved so we can get you financed!

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible Payment Options

Cars ain't cheap! Wouldn't it be nice to have some flexibility in the payment options to make it as convenient for you as possible? Well now you can! Sherwood Chev is now offering a number of Flexible Payment Options for all of our clients. You can choose just one, or mix and match them all, whatever is needed to give you a little extra room to breath!

Complimentary Payment Options:
  • No payments for 1 payment cycle!
  • $0 Down payment!

These are complimentary to all of our clients so that you don't need to worry about paying anything out of pocket the day you purchase a vehicle. With every purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle, you have the option of putting $0 Down (On Approved Credit), and waiting either 15 or 30 days to make your first payment, depending on whether your payments are, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Payment Options

Buy Now/Pay Later

Maybe you need a vehicle right now, but know that you can't swing the payments for a few months, or even a year! We have solutions for that!

  • No payments for 3 months OR Half payments for 6 months
  • No payments for 6 months OR Half payments for 1 year
  • No payments for 1 year OR Half payments for 2 years

Cash Back

Are the bills piling up, and preventing you from buying the vehicle you need? Or is there a big purchase you need to make, but don't have the money for it? With our cash back offers, you could receive up to $15,000* back in your pocket, with the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Maybe you only need $4000* or $7000*, we can do that too!

Debt Consolidation

Have you racked up a ton of consumer debt? Don't cut up the credit cards just yet! Often times, we're able to lump all of that debt into your one easy car payment, saving you THOUSANDS in interest. It's easy to do, and has zero downside!

Price Matching

We refuse to lose a deal to price. If you've found a better deal somewhere else, we'll go out of our way to match it! If we can't find you the right vehicle, we'll bring one in! Whatever it takes to earn your business

Leasing VS. Financing

Leasing Vs. Financing

Financing = Buying, Leasing = Renting

The decision to lease rather than finance, or vice versa, can be a little tricky. For many people, leasing is the best way to go! For some others, financing is the way to go! Often there is some hesitation with regards to leasing, as there are a few more things to consider than with financing, although the benefits to you can make quite a difference. On the other hand, some of the benefits may not even be favourable to you, so you may be better off financing. Continue reading to learn more, or consult one of our finance specialists for a free consultation and pre-approval!

How Much Driving Do You Expect To Do?

The average person only drives about 20,000km/year. A standard lease is set at 20,000km/year, but they can be tailored to your needs and stretched up to 24,000km/year if need be. If you drive less than that, leasing may be an option. However, if you tend to put on quite a few more kilometers per year, we may recommend financing.

Do You Want To Own Your Vehicle?

If you plan to make modifications to your vehicle or commit to it for more than 5 years, then buying is the way to go. However, if that's not a concern, and you want to drive a new vehicle every 3 or 4 years, without having to worry about trade-in values, negative equity, or warranty and out-of-pocket repairs, then leasing makes things far easier.

Do You Prefer A Smaller Monthly Payment?

One of the greatest benefits to leasing a vehicle is that you only pay for what you use (the 3 or 4 years of lease payments), rather than making payments on the cost of the entire vehicle, like in financing.

Not Really Sure?

The best part of leasing is if you were to decide at the end of the lease that you love the vehicle and want to keep it longer, you can! At that point, you can choose to buy out the lease, and make payments on the remainder of the cost of the vehicle, like you would have with financing!

The Process of Buying a Car

The Process of Buying a Car

The process of buying a new or used vehicle can be a total mystery to many people. We know it's not an easy task, and that there are many things to consider, so we've outlined the entire process of buying a vehicle, from the moment you first arrive at our dealership, to when you drive home in your awesome new car, truck, or SUV!

Fill Out A Brief Guest Sheet

This allows us to determine your vehicle needs, colors, budget, etc, as well as get to know you. It's been our experience that the better we know you as a person, the better we are able to serve your individual needs. We literally have hundreds of vehicles on our lot, and hundreds more at our overflow lots, so the guest sheet can really help you narrow down what you're looking for, and save you a bunch of time!

If you're worried about getting approved for an auto loan, we can also get a few additional pieces of info from you, in order to have our finance team start working on a pre-approval during the test drive.

Select A Vehicle

After completing the guest sheet, one of our product specialists will provide you with a few vehicles to look at. Once you've confirmed that one of the vehicles would work for you, and meet all of your basic requirements, it's on to the test drive!

Go For A Test Drive

Now that you've found the perfect car, it's time to see it in action! Think of the test drive as trying on clothing. See if it fits, how it feels, and most importantly, how it drives.

Appraise Your Trade-In (If Applicable)

If you have a trade, we need it. Seriously... we're always running low on used vehicles. At this time, your product specialist will gather some information about your vehicle, and have one of our appraisers take a look at it to determine it's value.

Fill Out A Bill Of Sale

Assuming that the test drive went well, your product specialist will sit down with you and discuss a number of payment scenarios to ensure that you find one you're comfortable with.

Regardless of your situation, we have a number of flexible payment options that include no payments for up to a year, or scenarios where we give you a few thousand dollars back to make some kind of big purchase you've been looking forward to, or to pay off any outstanding bills you may have.

Wrap Up The Paperwork With A Business Manager

Now that you've chosen a specific vehicle, and found a payment plan that works for your budget, one of our Business Managers will sit with you and gather your credit information to start working on your financing.

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Financing your next used car should not be a time consuming hassle! Let our online auto finance application reduce the amount of time you need to spend on auto loan hunting. Sitting around waiting on a finance approval at a dealership is stressful! So get your auto loan approved before arriving at our Sherwood Park Dealership.

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Benefits Of Rebuilding Your Credit

Sometimes life can get in the way. Unexpected expenses, miscalculations, divorce, bankruptcy, student loans, and even tricky credit card interest rates can saddle someone with crushing debt, and bad credit, for years, or sometimes even decades.

How Do I Qualify For Credit Rebuilding?

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